A boy with a pen.

In 2017, my high school English teacher left the bombshell "Thomas, you are a writer" scribbled on the inside of my yearbook. It was in that moment that I changed my college declared major to BioChemistry – sorry Mr. Leonard. I was terrified of becoming a writer, yet here I stand. Gotta love some irony.

In all seriousness, I aspire to be a copywriter because I hate corporate communications. The fact that I might carry a briefcase one day makes me belly laugh, and I stick out like a sore thumb in every business class – and that fuels me.


I offer a perspective and a voice which some brands might not be ready to embrace, but the ones that do better get ready to see results. They better be prepared to shake up their industry and answer the questions their competition hasn't even thought to ask. Are you ready to get digging?

Pics – or it didn't happen.

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