I see that my job as a writer is not to speak of my own thoughts, but to speak of the truths that exist in others. The truths that haven't found their voice just yet. Proper grammar is a given, sarcasm is a specialty, and the Oxford comma is a non-negotiable.


"The Way it Otter Be"

Little Otter Skincare | May 2020

With my copywriting role at Talking Dog Agency, I redefined this skincare company's vocal identity. Although Little Otter took a clear stance on environmental issues, it's messaging was cluttered and unclear – the brand's website boasted four different taglines.

I worked with the brand's founders to establish a clear and differentiating tagline usable across all of Little Otter's channels. It conveys a playful ethos which our team dubbed "evoking the otter." Additionally, I developed an internal voice guide to carry the brand into all future communications.

Once my art partners and I were confident in our understanding of this brand's style, we filled their paws with branded content. I updated all copy on the client's website and sales literature, mimicking the simplicity of their new, hand-drawn aesthetic.



My favorite way to tell a brand's story is to open it up and dig around a bit first. As invasive as it sounds, these excavation just skills might rival a certain beige-hatted archeologist. I find pieces of gold in every company, leveraging these nuggets to reach consumers like never before. 

"One Hell of a Brand Book"

Judah Press Entertainment | Apr 2019

This was a fun one. The client, a high energy DJ startup, called on my art partner and I to establish their company's marketing identity. After getting to know their story, mission, and overall goals, we created a 58-page Brand Book. It covers everything from logos and typefaces to social tones and copy tips.

Working on such a detailed and extensive project with my partner helped me really grow into my passion for copywriting and branding . Getting to capture a spirit and then convey that through words was something magical. This book is still utilized on a daily basis by the JPE brand manager, a title which I proudly held in Fall 2019. From launching the company's first paid marketing campaign to establishing a 9-person internship program, this book has served as an invaluable resource for me and the brand.


Underneath every award-winning creative idea is a solid bedrock of insight. As a double major in marketing research, the left side of my brain sees enough activity to keep those analytics tools dusted off. I'm not afraid of a number – not when I can turn it into a story.

"Wave Catching" Social Analysis

Surfrider Foundation | May 2020

As the most comprehensive insight digging I've done to date, this cross-platform social media analysis covered over 1.3 million posts across both owned and earned conversations.

Our team sought to figure out why such a passionate and well-followed organization had staggeringly low engagement levels. Sifting through conversations, pinpointing influential users, and comparing post content helped us do just that.

The most challenging part was distilling 36 pages of insight into digestible recommendations for Surfrider to act upon. This is where data storytelling came in handy. Ultimately, our team was able to produce nine suggestions, each offering advice and a mock post. The non-profit can now spread its mission more effectively and to new audiences – and that means cleaner oceans for all.


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